Anonymous asked: Doctor, where did you disappear to? Tumblr is not the same without your class and sass, come back soon!

[[Well, here’s the thing-I’m not doing that great. Things have been worse in the past four/five months, but they weren’t stellar in, say, the last third of 2012 either. Between having a depressingly hard time doing art and the fact that the ideas don’t flow as well as they did when I started, it’s gotten really hard to update this blog.]]

[[I’m not saying “the blog is over”, because I have fun doing it and I do still have comics in my mental queue, it’s just that they’re very difficult to finish as of late. I think what I can say is that I’m going to be focusing a lot on trying to get better, and not even pretend to have an actual schedule for updates]]

[[PS, to all followers: you guys are so great, and I love ya.]]


Hello again!

So, as many of you know, our art auction is coming up soon! But, sadly, we do not have too many artists. That being said, we are sending out a call for Star Trek Artists of all types! 

The auction would go as so: your name would be presented on our livejournal along with a short description of what you’re willing to draw (we have the questions that you would fill out). Then, people will place a bid on your name and whomever offers the most money gets to commission you. (Of course the art will be sized according to the amount of money paid.) After the auction week is finished and the fan is informed of their win and gives you the art idea, you will have a month to complete it, post it online, and link to the fan’s tumblr as an acknowledgement. (If the fan wants a print, we will work that out with them.)

The only thing that we really must stress is that none of the artists will be paid since we do not have the copyright on Star Trek and would be sued to the ends of the earth if we did pay people to make art. So, think of this as a huge charity event. Which it basically is…

The committee would love for all of the help that we can get, and if you are unable to participate, please reblog this message! Thank you all for your support!


[[Signal boosting this; they’re looking for both visual artists and fanfiction authors. I’ll be participating, and I’m hoping to get a more finished piece out in the next couple of days.]]

I think we’d manage.


Anonymous asked: How fast do you answer in these questions?

Well, I do aim for once a week, but lately my work has been getting the better of me. In the very least, I don’t plan on going more than a month without an update again anytime soon.


Jim, you need to leave.